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Congratulations Credentialed Coaches

The following coaches of the ICF Ohio Valley Charter Chapter in Kentucky, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, and West Virginia hold a credential from the International Coach Federation.

The ICF credential is recognized as the most rigorous global credential system for professional coaches. The mission of the program is to:

  • Protect and serve consumers of coaching services,

  • Measure and certify competence of individuals, and

  • Inspire pursuit of continuous development.

ICF Ohio Valley Charter Chapter Current Credential Holders*

Master Certified Coach:

J. Matthew Becker, MCC
Poyee Dorrian, MCC
Roberta Fiore-Kitell, MCC
Professional Certified Coach:

Darbe Allison, PCC
Trevor Blondeel, PCC
Anne C. Browning, PCC

Michael Denisoff, PCC
Carolon Donnally, PCC

Lois Elrich, PCC
Gwendolyn Fells, PCC
Carl Franco, PCC

Belinda Gates, PCC
Lisa Gick, PCC
Kevin Guerrero, PCC
Marian Guinn, PCC
Michelle Hollingshead, PCC
Brian Houp, PCC
Sara Huron, PCC
Ann Huttner, PCC

Lacee Jacobs, PCC
Robin Jones, PCC
Michelle Krebs, PCC
Judith McCool, PCC
Mary Morand, PCC
Michelle Naiser, PCC
Jewel Quackenbush, PCC
Kelly Osbaldiston, PCC
John Rhoads, PCC
Wendy Roop, PCC
Bonnie Stith, PCC
Sherry Trebes, PCC
Cindy Weingartner, PCC
Jennifer Wilfong, PCC
Billy Williams, PCC
Associate Certified Coach:

Amanda Addison, ACC
Lauren Ammon, ACC
Tracy Baker, ACC
David Baumgartner, ACC
Sherri Black, ACC
Lori Bolen, ACC

Jennifer Bradley, ACC
Julie Bradley, ACC
Donald Brunetti, ACC
Keith Brush, ACC

Angela Cole, ACC
Elizabeth Cole, ACC
David Cunningham, ACC
Heather Curtis, ACC

David Faulk, ACC
Adam Feiner, ACC
Nancy Friend-Schnurpel, ACC

Chad Garrison, ACC
Kayla Hairston, ACC
Daniel Hollingshead, ACC
Deborah Howell, ACC
Julia Huber, ACC
Sandra Hughes, ACC
Shawn Hughes, ACC
Chandra Irvin, ACC
Keturah Jenkins, ACC
Toni Kellar, ACC

Diane Kinsella, ACC
Michael Kopp, ACC
Clare Morrison, ACC
Heather Moster, ACC
Associate Certified Coach:

Anne Nelson, ACC
Patrick O’Shea, ACC
Justin Patton, ACC
Jeannie Phillips, ACC
Evala Rahm, ACC
Karin Reed, ACC

Amelia Roberts, ACC
Sara Roberts, ACC
Keith Rummer, ACC
Jacque Saltsman, ACC
Necole Sayers, ACC
Jay Schindler, ACC
Roxanne Schoenfelt, ACC
Darby Starnes, ACC
Christine Steffen, ACC
Sharon Stratton, ACC
Rachel Wilson, ACC
Ashley Wollam, ACC
Shuhan Yang, ACC

*Current as of 1.1.21